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  • Pentecost

    Posted in Pentecost on May 14, 2016

    Fifty days have passed since Easter. Days of joy, but marked by uncertainty. The message of Easter Sunday is not a joy that is complete for us. We are invited to remain patient. During Eastertide, Alleluia has been our song: our alleluia song of joy announces the great abundance and generosity of God as he comes to us and saves us. The totality and completeness of his self-giving and all-embracing love demands something total and absolute from us, and we are not always ready or able to give that.

  • The Peace of Christ completes the Paschal Mystery

    Posted in Pentecost on May 23, 2015

    The Holy Spirit binds us to the humanity of Jesus: He is the Head, we are the Body, and where the head of a body goes the rest of the body will soon follow. Jesus our Head has ascended ahead of us and prepared a place for us at the right hand of God, prepared a space for humanity in the eternal happiness of heaven.