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  • Eternally Loved

    Posted in Ordinary Time on Jul 04, 2015

    I remember hearing a radio programme where someone made the following remark: “You know, to grow up knowing that you are loved and accepted is an enormous birthright.” I do not claim to have great experience in such matters, but I have enough to be able to say that people’s experiences of having been loved or not having been loved, of having been accepted or not having been accepted, can have a major impact on the shape of our lives.

  • Feast of Saints Peter and Paul

    Posted in Ordinary Time on Jun 27, 2015

    In the story of Jesus and the early Church the name of Herod does not usually provoke cheerful thoughts. It was a Herod, known as the Great, who sought the life of the child Jesus and had the children of Bethlehem slaughtered. Another Herod, Herod Antipas, during the public ministry of Jesus, consented to the death of John the Baptist and played a central role in the trial of Jesus.

  • Why are you afraid?

    Posted in Ordinary Time on Jun 20, 2015

    In the Gospel reading for this Sunday, St Mark tells of Jesus stilling the storm on the Sea of Galilee. He and his disciples had spent the day with the crowds out on the hills, and Jesus was tired. Talking to large numbers of people, and coping with the questions and anxieties of individuals, is very draining.

  • Pastoral Letter from Bishop John Arnold

    Posted in Ordinary Time on Jun 13, 2015

    I have now been with you in the Diocese of Salford for six months and I am very grateful for the welcome I have continued to receive and the encouragement from so many people. Getting to know the Diocese, its people, priests and religious inevitably takes time but you have made me feel at home among you.

  • The Holy Trinity

    Posted in Trinity on May 30, 2015

    People sometimes give the impression that Jesus was a holy man of God, but through the centuries the Church imposed on him a strange and alien identity, as a member of the Trinity. What has this got to do with Jesus of Nazareth?

  • The Peace of Christ completes the Paschal Mystery

    Posted in Pentecost on May 23, 2015

    The Holy Spirit binds us to the humanity of Jesus: He is the Head, we are the Body, and where the head of a body goes the rest of the body will soon follow. Jesus our Head has ascended ahead of us and prepared a place for us at the right hand of God, prepared a space for humanity in the eternal happiness of heaven.

  • Why look into space?

    Posted in Easter on May 16, 2015

    A man in white – the astronaut Yuri Gagarin – reportedly said: “I went up to space, but I didn't encounter God”. But had he listened to the two men in white who spoke to the men of Galilee, he could have saved himself the trouble of seeking God up in space. “Why do you stand looking [up] into heaven?” (Acts 1:11).

  • Chosen to be friends

    Posted in Easter on May 09, 2015

    Jesus was Jewish. Peter, John, the apostles, Mary and Joseph were all Jewish. As Christians we sometimes forget this. We have just kept the feast of St.Joseph. The main emphasis of the feast was on Joseph as a worker, but another traditional theme is how Jesus cared for his dying father Joseph. Joseph died as a good Jew. So why are we not Jewish? Why don’t we habitually eat kosher food?

  • Growing in Confidence

    Posted in Easter on May 02, 2015

    At the fifth Sunday of Easter we reflect on how the love and mercy of God reach into our lives as we struggle with our selfishness.

  • Knowing and Loving Jesus

    Posted in Easter on Apr 25, 2015

    We say in the creed that Jesus is God. This wasn’t clear at all at first, even to his close friends and followers. He was their Rabbi, their miracle worker, their healer, and preacher; later, to those closest to him, he was anointed Messiah, the King to come, to rescue his People from slavery.