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Get Involved

How do I get involved?

To answer that question we could turn it on its head and ask ‘when am I not involved’? Coming to Christ the King, or any church for that matter, even as a passing visitor, involves us in some way in the life of the parish and in the life of the wider Church. For when we do so we are taking part in the work of the Church – to praise and worship.

The most fundamental way of being involved is to participate in the prayer life of the Church; that is in its liturgy, above all in the Sunday celebration of Mass. ‘Being at Mass’ is being involved.

There are of course more specific ways of being involved. For example, welcoming people to the parish at the beginning of Sunday Mass, being a reader at Mass, taking the collection, leading the singing, serving at the altar, taking Holy Communion to the sick and housebound, helping with tea and coffee, keeping the church clean, tidy and as a beautiful place worthy of the House of God, are all ways in which you can become involved in the life of the parish.

Another form of involvement looks to the wider community and to the wider world: some members of the parish help as volunteers at St Ann’s Hospice in Little Hulton, others help with the work of CAFOD and Aid to the Church in Need. The people involved in the Sacramental programme and those who act as school governors have a particular involvement in the formation of younger parishioners. So there are lots of ways you can contribute. But all our involvement stems from that fundamental belonging that all of us share – being part of the Church, the People of God. How do you get involved? – come and see!