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Altar Serving

Altar serving has provided each of us with an experience of working with a lot of age groups. Each altar server undertakes a training programme with the help of older, more experienced servers where they learn about specific tasks that are required for each Mass, along with specific prayers for each service. Once the training has taken place, each server has a specific Mass to attend weekly, but the altar serving team frequently meet up for Mass practices for specific festive Masses, such as Christmas and Easter.

Being an altar server allows each of us to take responsibility and show leadership skills under the guidance of the Head and Deputy Head altar servers. It is a great way to socialise and create long lasting friendships with others, as well as getting to know a lot of people.

Each altar server has the option of becoming a member of the Guild of St. Stephen. This usually occurs after a year of serving, and is a meaningful way of the server being accepted and can motivate each server to participate in a more effective worship of God. By wearing the medal of St. Stephen each server is provided with a more knowledgeable worship and the importance of their actions in the Mass. Each year, as a reward for our services to the Guild of St. Stephen, we take part in our annual bowling trip, where we are able to socialise and enjoy ourselves away from our responsibilities.

By getting involved in altar serving, it has allowed us to gain more knowledge about the Catholic religion and the numerous roles and spiritual sense of each Mass.