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Sunday 22nd April - 4th Sunday of Easter

St Edmunds Christ the King Lancashire Martyrs
Sunday 11:00am Mass 9:00 am Mass No Mass
Monday 9:00 am Mass | 9:30 am Funeral Service for James Patrick Walshfollowed by burial at Wardley Cemetery No Mass | 6:30 pm Baptism Preparation Course at Christ the King Presbytery No Mass
Tuesday No Mass 9:00 am Mass | 6:30 pm Sacramental Programme in Christ the King school | 7.30pm Journey of Faith Group at Christ the King Presbytery 7:00 pm Mass
Wednesday No Mass 9:00 am Mass No Mass
Thursday 9:00 ma Mass | 6.30pm Bible study and prayer meeting in the Rigby room 9:00 am Mass No Mass
Friday 9:30 am Mass 9:00 am Mass No Mass
Saturday No Mass 5:00 pm Mass 12:30 pm Mass

Reconcilliation on Saturdays

Christ the King: 4:00 pm - 4:45pm

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Parish Consultation meeting

We had a very lively meeting at Lancashire Martyrs last Tuesday which helped to identify some of the key areas of parish life that need to be addressed as we move forward with the anticipated amalgamation. These are;

Finance, Administration and buildings:

  • St Edmund’s Presbytery – works and future use
  • Set a business plan for expenditure
  • Openness, fairness, transparency

Gentle pastoral outreach (SVP, Hospice, UCM etc)

  • Greater prominence to the present SVP
  • Build an awareness of needs and people

Challenging outreach (refugees, youth, homeless etc)

  • Who are our refugees and asylum seekers – what about a lunch club?
  • More for young people - promote the 'Reignite Mass'
  • Select youth representatives – 18 -25 year olds

Liturgy (readers, ministers, servers, welcomers etc)

  • Establish a Liturgy Team with representatives from each church
  • Supporting Lay Ministers / Development of Ministers

Formation (Catechetics, Alpha, Sacramental prep etc)

  • How do we keep young people
  • Alpha Course (or similar)

Social events (variety – including Churches Together)

  • Lancashire Night – use as a fundraiser for the annual pilgrimage to Lourdes
  • Day Trip for all parishioners – eg Liverpool


  • Establish a Parish register (with very limited access and compliant with latest regulations) spreadsheet to enable better communications across the parish and a better response in time of need
  • Reaching the wider community – becoming missionary: (a possible new website was displayed)

It became especially clear that this would involve the commitment of many people, and so people offered their time and talents in these key areas.

The leadership team will meet again soon and, hopefully, prioritise some of the immediate areas to be tackled.

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